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Shower time for tiny Mike by 321shrink Shower time for tiny Mike by 321shrink
Shower time for tiny Mike


The tiny man “Mike” comes from the artist: sayra-stock :iconsayra-stock:
The giant hands helping the tiny Mike to shower is me.

The little story:

Since he shrunk, it became very difficult to Mike to do simple things like having a shower to clean himself. So Marc, as a good giant, is helping out... but maybe a bit too much, don't you think? Maybe he don't want his little pal to fall in the drain or something. I bet Mike would rather a giantess... but at least, giant Marc will simply treat him with respect as any good friends do. :)
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Malakari Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
321shrink Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
Glad you like it :)
fortaustincoop Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
guys are so more gentle that tiny is cute in giant hands ;)
19682008 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011
You are very welcome. Your work is amazing and done to a very high standard. I apologise for mistaking your work with that of Tinyactioneer, his work and yours shares strong similarities with each other, both in background and situations, so that was where that mistake came from.

I have, from an early age, been similarly fascinated with the interaction between little men and normal sized "giants" and what I meant by my comment about being tiny and in your hands, was that the details of what it would be like fascinate me, and if it were possible to shrink and live with a "giant" who is similarly fascinated, it would be difficult to resist swapping one life for another. It would be a grand adventure to share with someone. I hope I did not make you uncomfortable with my comment. I would of course love to be a starship captain too, and a superhero who fights criminals and injustice! Your montages are some of the best I have ever seen, so real and so lifelike that it is almost like my imagination come to life. Keep up the great work and know that you have a fan who enjoys and appreciates your work immensly.
321shrink Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011
Thanks again for your so pleasant comments Roy,

By the way, I use to give my biggest fans some exclusive favours. If you click on "Notes" in my profile you can sent private message. The reason I say that, it's because I can do some photo-manipulations with picture of you if you wish to dream even more about how you could look like to be a tiny man. I can publish in my gallery or not. I only publish when I have the one who sent me pictures agreements. But to reward my fans, I can do those few photo-manipulations and email back them to theirs email address. The only conditions are when I don't publish, the one I give my work cannot publish it either. The second rule is that I do not accept explicit pictures with hard core nudity or appearing bulging under pants. I only do picture rated "G" and "PG"

Don't worry I was not embarrassed by any part of your comment... it's just that a comment can be viewed by everyone and I don't want any of my fans been targeted by any unpleasant comment back.

Have a nice day :)
19682008 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
This is a fantastic montage, I would love to be this tiny size and in your hands, seriously. I would give up everything I own and have to be that size and with you.
I have been a fan of your work ever since you were called Tinycollectioneer and the GiantWebmaster, your style is unmistakable, you are a true artist.
321shrink Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
Thanks for your comment Roy, Oh a little precision here though' Yes I used thegiantwebmaster user name ones here on DA and it's still the same on yahoo. Although, I was not Tinycollectionner but I know him, he was a student in Art who lived in an apartment at my office second floor at Montreal. He was a fan of my work and we exchanged some skills and I even gave him several pictures to work with.

About what you wrote I would love to be this tiny size and in your hands, seriously. I would give up everything I own and have to be that size and with you. well I don't know what to think or say. This is just fiction into the giants and tiny peoples theme I do here. I'm not sure that anyone would really want to give away his life to be owned by any giant... that would be very strange. I just manipulate pictures for the fun of doing art. sure I like the idea to have fun with making fiction, but it's still fiction. It can be nice to dream though, like watching a science fiction and dream to be in a spaceship to explore galaxy.

But don't mistaken, I'm very honoured by your comment and kind of fidelity into my art. :D
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